Gimatic was founded in 1985 and since 2018 belongs to Barnes Group Inc belongs, a global provider of high-tech products. In 1986, Gimatic decided to invest in electronics to increase its competitiveness in the plastics market, where collaborates with manufacturers and installers of injection and molding machines. In the following years it expanded territorially, opening its first subsidiary and today it has 10 sister companies (4 Italian and 6 foreign).
In 2012 the first mechatronic products were born, such as two and three finger electric parallel clamps, electric actuators and in 2013 other products were launched, expanding the range of electric linear guides and electric motors.
In 2013 Gimatic SpA joined Xenon Private Equity and achieved rapid internationalization.
New subsidiaries are opened, Gimatic Automation Engineering in Changshu, China, and Gimatic Balkan in Belgrade, Serbia. In 2018 Gimatic acquired the Italian company MTM Montini, a long-standing strategic supplier with an operation that allowed to shorten manufacturing times and better satisfy customer requests.


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