Ravizza Packaging

It was born in 1938 originally specialized only in wooden packaging. In 1983 the “spin-off” Ravizza Packaging s.r.l. was born. Here, new solutions for the distribution of alternative packaging systems to wood and for the manufacture of automatic packaging facilities are studied.
At the initiative of Roberto Ravizza, grandson of the founders, in 1997 the company began the production of special packaging machines, together with the corresponding organization of a sales network in Europe and South America.
The core of the activity of Ravizza Packaging s.r.l. covers 4 lines:
Manufacture of high-tech packaging machines
Design and installation of packaging machines at the end of the line
Marketing of ecological containers for liquids from 1 to 1000 liters.
Supply of a selection of consumables for packaging.
In 2015 the company expands its limits and opens a new headquarters in the United States.


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